Home Education – Boon or Bane?

home education
As the name clearly indicated, children are educated at home and not in public or private schools. Home education is legal in the UK, and the teacher is not obligated to have experience as a teacher. More often than not, the parents are the ones who teach their...
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7 Benefits of a MBA Degree

The Number Seven - Gold
Owing to the many MBA courses offered online and offline, many individuals often think whether it will really help them or is it just another course where they will have to spend excessive money. MBA has soon become imperative for many after their graduation degree. It seems like...
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Teacher’s Training

Teacher's Training
Why International House is one of the best and highly experienced teacher training team? Our trainers regularly travel to teach and train in other contexts and are constantly updating their own skills with wide range of courses including: CELTA, IHC, DELTA, Distance DELTA Orientation Courses, YL courses, Refresher Courses,...
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